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Little Royal is a story about a big fish in a little pond where his orders always get fulfilled. That is until one day, due to an adventurous heart, he ends up in bigger and bigger ponds and is forced to find new ways to relate to others.

"Everybody has a Want Monster and what these creatures want is to make people happy. But watch out because if your Want Monster gets too big... you'll be in big trouble.”

There are Want Monsters lurking all around us. They make us eat four cupcakes when we meant to eat only one, play videogames until our eyes throb, and want attention all the time. This is a story of how a little boy tries to befriend his very wild Want Monster named Oskar, which is a quest to learn the difference between the things we want and the things we need. 

Published by Shambhala Publications


“Published by a press known for its titles on personal growth and spirituality, this picture book successfully introduces children to the concept of using mindfulness to observe one’s thoughts and desires. With its universal message of taming the impulse to overindulge, this title is relevant for both Buddhist and secular audiences. The humor, bright color palette, and sketchlike quality of the illustrations keep The Want Monsters from being too scary for young readers. A child-friendly introduction to the challenging work of knowing one’s mind.” —Kirkus Reviews


“A delightful spiritual parable about wants, embracing the greedy self, and befriending our troublesome emotions.” —Spirituality & Practice


“Chelo Manchego tackles a poignant and universal issue in his book The Want Monsters. In our consumer culture that values more, better, newer indulgences, Machego’s book offers a unique perspective by tackling the screaming tantrums of desire with awareness and acceptance.”

—New York Journal of Books


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